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90° Degrees Prism Vision Glasses

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90° Degrees Prism Vision Glasses For Men & Women

This 90° degrees prism vision glass is for both men and women. When we look at books, mobiles, TV, etc., our throat starts to ache because we do all these things by bowing our heads. But now there is nothing to worry because now you do not need to bow your head in reading books, magazines, TV, mobile, etc. because now with this 90-degree glass, you can do all these things which will not hurt your throat and It is also very interesting glass.
Inventory Last Updated: Jul 12, 2020

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Customer Reviews

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Great glasses. I put them on over my large glasses to watch tv. Take the pillows out from behind your head, put these glasses on, and you can watch a tv that is at the foot of the bed or read a book propped up on your stomach. I’ve given these as gifts


My wife has neck problems. I noticed her propping up her head on multiple pillows to read her Kindle and watch tv. I bought these for her. She tried these out last night and loves them. One could consider these a health maintenance item. These are not just a gimmick, they are a functional health device. I just bought another one for myself.


I bought these glasses because I had to have eye surgery and had to lay flat on my back for days afterwards. These glasses helped pass the time. I was able to watch tv, lpok at my phone....etc...I recommend them if you have to lay flat for periods of time.


Good product that I am using after eye surgery that requires me to lie flat on my back for a few days. I will be able to watch a little TV with the non-surgical eye and look at my phone without holding it up in the air!


Had surgery and had to lie flat, these made tv, reading and even conversations possible. Funny looking yes! But they work!